Friday, May 4, 2012


I thought it would be appropriate to give my own little tribute to MCA, (Adam Yauch) of the music changing group, The Beastie Boys. While hip hop might not be for everyone, The Beastie Boys changed music forever in the 80s. Adam died today after losing his long time battle with cancer.

My first live concert ever was The Beastie Boys on the Licenced To Ill tour when they opened for Run DMC in 1986. Even though they drove my parents crazy, my dad was totally awesome and took me. (I was ten at the time) I'm pretty sure The Beastie Boys were drunk on stage but they were still awesome in their own middle finger to the world kind of way.

The crazy thing about The Beastie Boys was that their legacy lasted for 33 years! Pretty crazy for a group that was supposed to be a flash in the pan. And wow, did they ever make some bad ass music in that time. I still know all the words to Paul Revere.

So thank you Beastie Boys and thank you Adam for all the great tunes and all the great memories. Rest in Peace MCA.

Here's the newest Beastie Boys video featuring everyone that's anyone in Hollywood today:

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