Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I'm an animal lover, that's for sure. I guess I'm technically a dog guy more than anything but I really do love all animals. When you don't have one, they always seem like such a huge thing to take on but when you get one, you realize that they really do fill a part of you that was previously missing.

Such is the case with a certain tortoise shell cat we just got about a month or so ago that we named, "Ghoulia". We named her after the comic book loving, nearly mute and smartest goul in school, zombie character "Ghoulia Yelps" from Monster High. (See pic below) Liz found her on Craigslist (I got it on Craigslist!) and swore that tortoise shell cats while often ignored by a lot of cat people are often some of the best behaved cats in the kingdom.

This particular feline was rescued from a real life hoarder's house and that's all we really know about her other than she's six months to a year old. Liz went, checked her out and picked her up after the kitten seemed most overjoyed to be in her arms.

It didn't take long for Miss Ghoulia to assimilate. (Although she is often fearful of the kids) I have to say, that she's a wonderful little cat full of love, playfulness and tolerance. (She's never hissed at all or scratched in anger.)

It's so nice having a happy little creature back in our lives and it's so cool to have a loving writing buddy that curls up in your lap when you're finishing a book. She's actually under the table as I write this licking my sock right now.

So with all smiles, I wanted to fill you in on a little slice of joy that Liz and I have named Ghoulia.

Ghoulia hanging with me as I wrote the end of Thomas Riley 2

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  1. Yeah to Ghoulia! Looks like she has found a happy and loving forever home. We did the same thing a few months ago and adopted a Tiger Tabby from the local shelter. He is crazy but a constant source of laughter in a house that is grieving the death of our beloved dog. Thanks for sharing a little bit of your world.