Thursday, May 10, 2012

Black Caverns

Yeah, two music posts in like a week. This one is about my friend's band Black Caverns. It's ever evolving instrumental music of the ilk of bands like Isis and Pelican. There are lots of layers that remind me of a dramatic movie soundtrack but with a harder edge. It's spooky, sometimes dark, sometimes melancholy, and sometimes inspirational.

I heard a new song this morning and it made me want to put it on my writing music list and inspired me to write this little blog. Forget that these guys are my friends, they make good moody music that I could easily hear on any anti-hero major motion picture soundtrack.

It's often hard for me to get into heavier instrumental music but this is easily accessable and taps into feelings that conjure up vast landscapes, battle scenes and vengeful sky pirates heading off to level a far off city.

Take a listen to their newest song "The Ides of March" here.

If you like what you hear and I can pretty much guarantee you will, you can find them on Facebook as well. Or hey, comment here.

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