Monday, May 14, 2012

PH Factor/Meier's House of Clocks

Hans Meier is a gold standard in the steampunk community. He does amazing steampunk costume and accessory work that holds a place in the upper echelon of craftsmanship and aesthetic beauty. Hans is not only an insanely cool guy but he also is very popular in the steampunk subculture. He was one one the first people I heard about when it came to goggles, accessories and guns.

I'm also writing this because a unique opportunity has come upon Hans and his work. He runs a shop called Meiers House of Clocks in Tacoma WA and Chase (as in the credit card company) is awarding 12 small local businesses $250K grants to those that get votes and the support of the online community.

It's crazy easy. You just need to go HERE, log in with facebook (it literally takes 2 seconds) and enter "Meier's House of Clocks" in Tacoma, Washington
Then hit "Support" and you're done.
By the way, this is totally free. Chase adds $5 in the grant pool when you vote.

He only needs 250 votes to get in so, that should be pretty easy right? Well, yeah but every vote counts and the more we can drum up, the better chance a well deserving, top notch artist and craftsman has at getting a lot of money for his business.

While you're at it, check out the PH Factor store website HERE.

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