Tuesday, May 22, 2012

An upper cut for cancer

Dear friends,
I wanted you all to be aware of something very important to me. A friend of mine Anne-Marie Edens De Witt (from Fireside Games) is fighting cancer and she's doing amazing! My forever-sisters, the Frenzy Gals, (Frenzy Universe) are heading up a campaign to help Anne-Marie raise money to pay for the out of pocket expenses which is up past the $10,000 range.

Originally, the campaign was to pay for an expensive treatment that is possibly more effective and as I understand it more comfortable. So basically it's worth every penny. Now, Anne-Marie is doing super well with the current treatment and she posted a few days ago that half the tumor is gone! Amazing news!

Still, there are massive out of pocket expenses that go along with cancer and the campaign rolls on at full steam ahead. So, with that, if you could find it in your hearts to donate anything at all, here is the giveforward website where you can help Anne-Marie out. They're at 75% of their goal and just need a little more to get there!

Want to buy something original and amazing that will go toward helping Anne-Marie? Check out the shockingly cool etsy site where a huge group of artists and craftspeople are donating their goods to help the cause.

Also, find and like the campaign on Facebook here. You'll get all the latest updates there.
Thank you all for reading this!

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